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I run workshops and classes on educational media production, hosting and writing, and digital media strategies. I've worked with MIT, National Institutes of Health (with my colleague George Zaidan), and middle and high schoolers. 
Writing and Hosting the Educational Show is a course for undergrads, grad students, staff, and faculty. Students learn to script and host short YouTube science, technology, engineering, and/or math-related videos or podcasts to inspire youth to consider a future in science. Workshop-style lectures with industry guest speakers develop basic scripting, hosting, and video production skills in the context of understanding digital media literacy, K-12 education, science advocacy, and engaging a non-technical audience. Check out the 2015 run on OpenCourseWare!
"This was the best class I’ve taken at MIT! It challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone, to try new things, and to appreciate the process as much as (or more than) the final product." -Whitney, student from 2016
"I'm currently a postgrad at the University of Edinburgh working on my master's dissertation in science communication… To help me complete this project… I watched your course on MIT's opencourseware and I just wanted to say thanks for developing and delivering this content." -Jessica
SciVids101 is a crash-course, science video production workshop for Boston-area middle and high schoolers. Students have the opportunity to write, direct, host, and produce videos on a science demo, researchers they visit during a field trip to MIT, or topics they learn in their science classes. Though they are local, for many of the students, these field trips are often provide their first opportunity to visit MIT. Watch some SciVids101 videos on the YouTube playlist.
"The kids are still talking about it. We cannot thank you enough for arranging our trip to MIT. I was stopped numerous times in the hallways today by teachers and parents who expressed how excited their students were when they returned from the field trip. One mom told me that her daughter talked almost non-stop about all the amazing things that she saw." -Rosemary, middle-school STEM teacher in Winthrop, MA
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